A Poem for Lent

16-02-23-daffodils (3)

I gave up chocolate for Lent

And thought it would be hard,

But actually I spent

No time grieving the loss

At all;

Gave up movies on TV

Which consumed an evening that could

Otherwise be spent

On something deeper for the soul,

A book, a conversation with my son,

A sunset observed

15-10-21-la grande motte (24)

A scrapbook done;

Gave up these things to You

Not for themselves, but simply because

I felt I wanted to.

You know, Lord,

My sacrifices are so few

And as I gave, I tried,

I try

To think of all You gave

And why

And Praise You for the gift.

I think ‘What if

You never gave?’

How then, my soul, could you be saved?

And giving all

You brought new life.

As I contemplate

This great

Act of giving,

I am struck by all that is living

Just outside my window here:

16-02-05-daffodils (4)

A daffodil

Peeks its yellow sprout


And shakes its head;

A hyacinth, all purple splendor

Blooms fragrant just beyond the window

05-03-spring, march and april (17)

And birds, all kinds, are flocking to the yard

In search of seed or worm.

Our rusty mutt runs circles hard

And fast

And barks as wind and cars go past,

And fish, all sizes, black and gold,

Swim lazily beneath the surface

Of the pond that was frozen over

Only days ago.

All has thawed

And so my soul, too,

Is warming up again to You

06-03-yard in spring (16)

~Elizabeth Musser, March 2012


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