Wonderful Kim Platt joins Letters to the Lord today with a message about Warning Messages. Enjoy!

Does your phone ever give you that message, ‘you are off-line’. It usually happens to me when I’m trying to use Google Maps. You know when I’m really trying to find some place or even when I’m lost. 

I’m happy to have a bargain data contract on my phone. I can afford to be on-line all the time, no problem. So when I see that message, I’m pretty confused. Because hey, I should be on-line. 

This week it has me thinking about prayer. You see with God I am always connected. Always hooked up. Never out of signal. Never used up on my data quota—nope I’m all good. That’s because my relationship with him isn’t based on some technical hook up. It doesn’t require me to be in a certain physical space with my antenna up. And it isn’t dependent on battery life. 

Now that data is cheap—battery life is an issue. What good is data with no power. But with God I’ve got a good signal and power. In a spiritual way I have a free connection to the national grid. The Holy Spirit connects us all and his power doesn’t run out after a long day. 

But I do think that the Holy Spirit does send warning messages. ‘If you don’t recharge now your phone will shut down in two minutes.’ Ever gotten that message? Well I think the Holy Spirit says things like that. Hey, it’s the sabbath, shut down and rest. Or hey, you have some corrupted files—run the cleaner program—confess and repent. Or how about it’s been 275 days since this phone was backed up—do you want to back up now? Do you want to review and remember what God has done for you?

Or how about this one, ‘you have 47 messages waiting’? Have you taken time to read the bible lately—or listen to it on audio.

Would you like to run the tutorial? Yes, tell me how to do this life thing. 

You have a friend request waiting—oh Jesus, I know you wait for me so many times. 

Thank you Lord that I’m never off-line. Thank you for warning me about so many dangerous situations. Thank you that your spirit lives in me. That Jesus is closer than a brother. That I have the mind of Christ. That you always see where I am—location sharing is always on. 

Where can I go from your spirit signal? Unlimited texts and calls with my saviour. If I go to the hinterland, even there the spirit signal is strong. You see me when I’m texting, you see me when I’m scrolling, you see me when I’m watching youtube. You know which apps are draining my batteries. You know when I’ve gone over my monthly allowance. You see me when I’m charging. You see me when I’m plugged into the grid but the socket isn’t turned on.

Thank you Jesus, the best provider. Always online, never down for servicing.

I’ve been living cross-culturally since 1988. I love listening to people and helping them hear themselves and hopefully hear God. I love speaking and teaching. I’m recovering from breast cancer that shook me to the foundations in 2017. I live by the seaside in Wales and work from home with my husband. I’ve raised 4 children in countries ‘foreign’ to me and am now enjoying 2 grandchildren. I’m a member care specialist with One Collective. You can read more of my devotional thoughts on my blog: https://plattmom.blogspot.com

1 Comment on “Letters to the Lord: Warning Messages

  1. The picture of the stop sign is the location of my childhood bus stop. It’s very rare to see a stop sign here in the UK–the original warning message, haha!!!

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