Lord, I asked for a party that I don’t have to give, a party at Christmas, an age-old wish that I used to pronounce in France when I was young and missing Christmas in America. And now I’m older, much older, and living this Christmas season in America and once again asking.

And You gave it, just like that, unexpectedly: Our Sunday School had a Christmas party, and we were invited, even though we hadn’t been able to attend our church in months, because of travels.

I asked for the grandkids to be calm on Sunday when I would have all four with me, alone. When Lena would be toddling all around, and I wanted to let the older kids decorate their little Christmas tree, the one I bought for them because they won’t have one this year, their house being under construction.

And they were calm and fun and good and it was a delight.

I asked for cookies, Lord, or rather, I had a whim yesterday to bake cookies because I didn’t get to bake with the grandkids, as is our tradition. When I got home from getting my hair cut, lo and behold, we’d received a gift box of homemade Snickerdoodles from a precious young couple, our workers in a far off land, along with a note thanking us for all our care for them. That gift and note went above and beyond anything I had asked for.

Years ago, in France, I dreamed of getting to see the grandkids perform in a Christmas play. And this is the fourth year in a row that we’ve gotten to attend their church’s Christmas program.

Naj was an angel, Quinn a shepherd, and Jesse, the narrator-who had already
changed out of his costume when this photo was taken!

And I’ve asked for much more important things, too, Lord. I asked that my father would be healthy enough for us to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with him, truly delighting in the presence of family. And just last week, my father’s CT scan revealed that the tumor has not spread and in fact looks a little better. And my dad is feeling well and attending many holiday functions! We’ll all be celebrating together for Christmas!

Daddy with all the grands and great-grands at Thanksgiving

I ask and You give. Sometimes I don’t even really ask, Lord. Sometimes it’s a desire, a whim, that perhaps You planted in my heart so You could simply surprise me with an unexpected joy.

I ask and You give, You surprise, You delight.

But not always, Lord.

Sometimes I spend days and weeks and months and years asking You for something that seems oh, so important. And I don’t get it. And it hurts. Deep down You know that I really don’t want You to answer my prayers my way. What I want is not to want those things anymore, not if they would take my eyes off of You. I want selfish desires to die once and for all. And I want to wait patiently for Your timing to answer the good, hope-filled prayers for my family, my friends, our workers, our world.

There are so many things I asked for that I don’t need. I already have it all. I am blessed among women in my own rite and boy, do I know it. So please let me die to the wanting of what I can’t have. At least not yet. Or maybe help me see that I got it long ago, and it was enough. Let it all be enough.

Because it is, Lord. You are so much more than enough. Please let me concentrate on Your miraculous birth, Your mystery, Your love, Your grace, Your goodness.

You not me.

Advent is all about You coming in the most surprising, confounding way.

God with us.

Please remind me to trust You and believe for all the things I want for others. And for myself. To believe that when I ask, You give. In Your way and Your time.

And that is always better.

Is there something you are asking for that God hasn’t given yet? How would the Lord have you trust Him today?

ELIZABETH MUSSER writes ‘entertainment with a soul’ from her writing chalet—tool shed—outside Lyon, France. Find more about Elizabeth’s novels at www.elizabethmusser.com and on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and her blog, Letters to the Lord.

4 Comments on “Letters to the Lord: Asking and Receiving

  1. What testimony of Grace and bounty! Is good to experience His kindness and how he provides for us!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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  2. Beautiful thoughts on “Asking and Receiving”. Merci Elizabeth!
    It reminded me of something I read in a Devo yesterday, that challenged me. It was the idea of beginning each day, upon arising, with our hands open and lifted, as a physical demonstration of letting go to let God take control – saying “Yes Lord, have Your way” …
    Blessings my dear sister! Enjoy these sweet times with your family over Christmas!

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  3. I’m so so happy to hear about your dads good Ct results Elizabeth! Woohoo! Praising Jesus and so happy you have Christmas to celebrate w him ❤️🎄🤶⛪️

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