These last weeks have been tumultuous. We are in the final stages of my dad’s journey on earth. His graduation approaches soon. We continue to covet your prayers and you can find out more here.

At the same time, our son, Andrew, and his wife, Lacy, are on a journey of their own. On Sunday January 23, Lacy gave birth to beautiful and healthy Cori Lucille Musser, or ‘Cinco’ as they call her, #5 in their tribe of children. Lacy suffered a pelvic misalignment and has been bedridden and in great pain. She cannot walk. Please intercede for her healing and pray for Andrew and family.

Paul and I are going back and forth from Chattanooga area where we and Andrew’s family live and Atlanta to be with my father. We’re in Atlanta now. I’m beyond exhausted, but feel God’s loving presence around us all.

Thank you, merci, for your love and prayers.

10 Comments on “Letters to the Lord: My Father’s Journey

  1. Oh Elizabeth! When it rains it pours! I know you must be so very weary, both physically and emotionally. Praying for the strength and energy you need for each moment, as well as the comfort and peace with which our faith sustains us. God may allow more than you can handle, but He will never give you more than He can help you handle. Continuing to pray for you, sweet friend, as well as your Daddy, Lacy, and all the rest of your dear family. ♥️

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  2. oh, Elizabeth, your heart is in so many places, and I know that…wanting to be with so many. Exhaustion from grief and heartache. praying for much REST for you and all of your family members, and healing for Lacy….and the ultimate healing for your dad…<3

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  3. Elizabeth, I’ve wondered about your dad’s progress with this awful cancer. Am praying for him & for you & Paul. I know this is breaking your heart! Will also pray for Lacy’s healing!! What unusual occurrence! Prayers for Andrew as he supports her & cares for his little ones.

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  4. Elizabeth, I’m praying for Lacy and your dad’s complete healing and for your, Paul, and Andrew’s endurance and peace as you trust Him. I’m so sorry for the grief you’re suffering. Please give your dad my love.

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  5. My husband of 62 yrs. died last Jan. I have been studying prophecy 50 yrs and KNOW we are in the Last Days and expect the Rapture any day. Happy for your Dad that he will see Jesus and your Mother soon. Maybe we will all be Raptured then!!! Praying for your daughter-in-law and all your family 💕💕

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  6. Prayers for Gere and you all. Hope Lacy can get some relief. Congratulations on number 5. Love to all.
    Mike and Erin

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