The sky was blue before and now it’s gray

And rain has wet the grass, seeped through the soil

And hope is held in hiatus this day

As, numb, we contemplate our Savior’s toil.

I wonder, were the soldiers not afraid

When Peter took a sword and sliced an ear

And Jesus, with a stroke that stilled the blade,

Reached out and touched the wound and made it hear?

Did they not know way down in wounded hearts

That This was He whose Power came to save?

His Innocence was where the Victory starts:

A thorny Crown, a bloody Cross, a Grave?

We wait to see if, as we watch and weep,

The Promised Power His Promises will keep.

ELIZABETH MUSSER writes ‘entertainment with a soul’ from her writing chalet—tool shed—outside Lyon, France. Find more about Elizabeth’s novels at and on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and her blog, Letters to the Lord.

1 Comment on “Letters to the Lord: A Sonnet for the In-Between

  1. Hi Elizabeth!! Thank you very much for your wonderful and encouraging words. At the risk of sounding heartless, I have been profoundly blessed by your posts with respect to your father’s death and your continuing journey. Thank you for this gift of transparency!!

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