Today’s Release Day for my new novel, and yes, it’s true: By Way of the Moonlight was chosen as A Publishers Weekly Top 10 Religion and Spirituality Book for Fall 2022!

I was shocked and thrilled and humbled and grateful. We authors know that even though there are lots of new ways to do it, the old-fashioned ‘word of mouth’ is still the best marketing tool—that is, having readers who have enjoyed the book share about it with friends, in person, on social media, in a book club etc. I’m super thankful and excited that the editors at Publishers Weekly have used their ‘word of mouth’ to tell others about By Way of the Moonlight.

This is how I feel about it (yes, I’m in my bathing suit and all the grass in the yard has died because it has been in the upper 90s over here. And we have mosquitoes. Lots of mosquitoes.)

Right now I’m sharing a few photos from our summer travels. As many of you know, Paul and I provide pastoral care for our mission, One Collective. This summer we’ve attended two conferences in Europe, both postponed several times because of Covid. The first was in Greece where we met with our colleagues from around the world for a time of fellowship, teaching, and encouragement.

The view from our hotel room. Yes, there are definitely perks to this ministry life!
We even had a baptism in the Mediterranean!

Then Paul and I had the joy of welcoming newlyweds Chris and Ashlee to join us on a week-long road trip through Greece, on a ferry, and into Italy (yes, we drove to and from Greece in our car!)

Lefkada Island

Sunset on the ferry ride across the Ionian Sea.
Cinque Terre
We all felt revived, restored, and spoiled rotten.

While Chris and Ashlee were hiking one last trail in Cinque Terre (I’d already hiked with them that morning), I sat on my little balcony overlooking the Mediterranean and read a Mary Higgins Clark novel that I had found at our Airbnb.

Back in the 90s, as a young missionary, mother, and wannabe writer, I would read Mary Higgins Clark mysteries in French. They were quick, clean (if at times a bit psycho) reads, filled with suspense, and reading in French helped me with my vocabulary. That was my escape.

So I was tickled to find Daddy’s Little Girl on the bookshelf in Vernazza, Italy! I didn’t finish it on the trip but persuaded the lovely hostess to let me take it with me! 

All during my childhood (Nancy Drew), youth (Mary Stewart and Agatha Christie), and young adulthood (Mary Higgins Clark), I was enthralled with mysteries. I think that’s why I love to incorporate mystery into my novels. I don’t have the brain power to write crime or real suspense, but I love to put little hints in the novels, and By Way of the Moonlight has several mysteries and twists that even I didn’t see coming when I first started writing the story!

As you are reading this, I’m at another conference, this time in Germany with our colleagues from all over Europe. But to you, my dear readers, I want to say MERCI for taking the time to read this newsletter and for taking even more time to read my novels. I so, so, so hope you will enjoy By Way of the Moonlight!

By Way of the Moonlight Virtual Tour is right here. All fifteen videos are included! And if you’re looking for ways to share these with friends, you can point people toward my Instagram Reels, the Facebook Playlist, or (this is new!) my YouTube channel.

Lastly, if you don’t mind helping me share the good news, By Way of the Moonlight was selected for Publishers Weekly’s Top Ten list for the Fall!

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I’m thrilled this book is finally available for all of you!

6 Comments on “Letters to the Lord: Release Day!

  1. I finished it and loved reading your creation once more. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with us readers. God bless you x


  2. I received my copy last week and I’m trying to save it for our holiday in Septembre. I hope I can wait that long :).

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  3. Congrats on the new recognition from Publishers Weekly! Looking forward to reading about Nancy Creek!

    I appreciated your mention of Mary Higgins Clark. When I went to a book signing she did at a Buckhead bookstore around 1980 (don’t remember which store), I thanked her for her clean stories. She commented that in her mind there was no reason to offer anything other than clean books. Yes!


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  4. Expecting delivery of four copies today! Gifts for my daughter and 3 DIL. I will read one copy first!!!

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