Two Destinies

Forbidden Faith. Forbidden Love. A Family’s Rage.

When Rislene Namani meets Eric Hoffmann in 1994 France, the spark between them ignites a firestorm of trouble. An Algerian Muslim, her attraction to him, a Christian, is forbidden. Yet he captures her heart. More than that, his faith captures her soul, a faith she comes to embrace. And it stirs up a wasp’s nest of danger, mystery, and love that could cost her everything, even her life.

The risk is real, especially when Rislene’s staunchly Muslim family discovers her secret. Eric must save her from a forced marriage in Algeria. As the civil war in Algeria escalates in the midst of Ramadan, and poverty and social ills in France boil over, their lives become as tumultuous and uncertain as the world around them. Clinging to faith, they fight.

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“I’ve just finished reading Two Destinies, by Elizabeth Musser. I can tell you your heart will beat along with those of the characters’ as you are drawn into their lives and loves. – Rosie.

Don’t miss the other books in this series: Two Crosses (Book 1), Two Testaments (Book 2), Two Destinies (Book 3), The Secrets of the Cross Boxed Set


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Christian Library Journal review of “The Secrets of the Cross” trilogy.

Two Destinies was a finalist for a Christy Award, 2013, for excellence in Christian fiction.

Nice Things People Say

I came across these books quite by chance at a time when I wanted some fiction to make light relief from my diet of endless how-to books on church, discipleship and leadership. I never expected to review these books as so much of the Christian I’d read was not great. But this trilogy was a complete surprise, being both educational as well as having an engaging storyline. – Chloe 

Two Destinies is filled with danger, suspense, thrills and romance. Once again Ms. Musser has provided up a gripping adventure with plenty of action and memorable characters that you really care about. If you are looking for history, you will find it here. If you are looking for a really good romance, you will find it here. I liked this book and am really sorry that this series is over. The good news is there will be more stories from Ms. Musser that we can look forward to. – VicsMediaRoom

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2013 Christy Award Nominee
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Paperback ISBN9781734056426

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