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Letters to the Lord: Instability and Endurance

A few months ago, I was in the midst of the final edits of my new novel, When I Close My Eyes, which just released in November. On the morning in question, I read James 1: 1-8 for my devotions, and the words that jumped out at me as I read and meditated on these verses were: endurance and unstable. “…Consider it all joy, … Read More Letters to the Lord: Instability and Endurance


The Swan House

Named one of Amazon’s top Christian books of 2001.  Mary Swan Middleton has always taken for granted the advantages of her family’s wealth. But a tragedy that touches all of Atlanta sends her reeling in grief. When the family maid challenges her to reach out to the less fortunate as a way to ease her own pain, Mary Swan meets Carl–and everything changes. For although … Read More The Swan House