The Promised Land

You’d be surprised at what can get through to you when everything else is taken away.

Four pilgrims on a journey toward change…

Available for your reading pleasure November 3rd, 2020.

Elizabeth Musser’s novel, The Promised Land, transported me on two very memorable journeys. First, I savored the sights, smells, and tastes of France as I hiked the Camino with her four unique characters. Second, was the touching journey of spiritual transformation these four pilgrims uncovered on their trek. So satisfying!

~ Lynn Austin, author of If I Were You

The Promised Land is a captivating tale of pilgrimage, not only along the rigorous way of the Camino, but through an equally rigorous exploration of the soul. Through the journeys of four broken and wounded pilgrims, Elizabeth Musser expertly navigates the complex landscape of captivity and loss, while pointing the way to redemption and hope.

~ Sharon Garlough Brown, Author of the Sensible Shoes Series

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