The Secrets of the Cross Trilogy: 3 in 1 Set

Available together in one bound edition, the international bestseller Secrets of the Cross Trilogy—Two Crosses, Two Testaments, and Two Destinies. Join Gabriella, David, Anne-Marie, Moustafa, Ophelie, Ceb, Rislène, and Eric as they search for faith, love, forgiveness, and understanding in the midst of Algeria’s War for Independence from France (1961-1962, Two Crosses, Two Testaments) and the growing homeless population in France and Algeria’s civil war (Two Destinies).

Two Crosses:

In late 1961, as Algeria’s war for independence from France is coming to a close, two crosses, symbolic of another time in history, draw together a host of characters in an unforgettable story of love and war, revenge and forgiveness.

Gabriella Madison arrives in the French village of Castelnau to continue her university studies and is drawn into the secretive world behind the war as she befriends a wise nun who knows more about the war and Gabriella’s past than she’s saying, a lost little girl who is carrying secret information, and a debonair man with unknown loyalties who pursues Gabriella. When she discovers a long-hidden family secret, it leads to questions about trust, faith in action, and the power of forgiveness to move beyond the pain of the past.

Two Testaments:

In March 1962, as the ceasefire takes effect in Algeria’s war of independence from France, extraordinary circumstances force ordinary people to question their preconceived notions of faith, trust, and control.

Having just declared her love for the handsome American professor, will Gabriella lose him to another woman . . . and to a war and cause that she’d never known about only months earlier? When Anne-Marie Duchemin shows up, initial jealousies turn to friendship between the two young women who help Mother Griolet at the orphanage, now a haven for children displaced by the war. But the town of Castelnau is not warm to the idea of pied-noir and Arab children invading the orphanage. Fighting to help Mother Griolet, both young women long for the men they love, who are trapped in Algeria, a country gone mad . . .

Two Destinies:

1994. In the south of France, a high school teacher, a homeless man and a young Algerian student newly converted to Christianity embark on a journey of faith which leads them into the midst of Algeria’s civil war and into a war for their souls—a war that will force each one to choose between two cultures, two religions and two destinies.

Ophélie Duchemin is a high school French teacher and budding playwright in Montpellier. When her student, Rislène Namani, comes to her for help, Ophélie is quick to step in. Rislène has converted to Christianity and her strict Muslim father has found out. The family is furious and threatens Rislène with physical harm and worse. But Rislène’s betrayal is even deeper—she is in love with a Christian, Eric, Ophélie’s little brother.

Two Destinies is the story of the persecuted church in North Africa, the terrorist activities in the midst of Algeria’s civil war, the desperate homeless people in France, and courageous individuals willing to risk their lives to help those in need.

Two Destinies was a finalist for 2013 The Christy Award for excellence in Christian Fiction.

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A wonderful tale of love, sacrifice, war and courage, written in stunning detail. Elizabeth Musser is an amazing storyteller.

~Susan Meissner, author of The Nature of Fragile Things

Elizabeth Musser reminds me of Francine Rivers. The characters are real, the drama is gripping, and the Spirit rises up from the grass roots of the story. You’ll love Two Crosses.

~Creston Mapes, best-selling author of Nobody

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