From the author of The Swan House, a classic in the South, comes the continuing story of the Middleton-Bartholomew family.

You’d be surprised at what can get through to you when everything else is taken away.

Four pilgrims on a journey toward change…

With her oldest son, Bobby, taking a gap year in Europe, her aging father losing his sight and his memory, and her husband of twenty years announcing that he’s leaving her, Abbie Bartholomew Jowett is surrounded by overwhelming loss. 

Bobby’s first assignment is in Austria at a ministry center for refugees where he meets Rasa, a beautiful Iranian and former refugee working in secret to help other refugees. For idealistic Bobby, it is love at first sight. On the spur of the moment, he invites Rasa to join him on the famed French Camino.

Disapproving of Bobby’s choice and desperate to mend her marriage and herself, Abbie follows Bobby to France. During their journey they encounter Caroline, a young journalist who is studying pilgrims on the Camino while searching for answers from her broken past. 

They each have their own reasons for the pilgrimage, but together Abbie, Bobby, Rasa, and Caroline learn that the Camino strips you bare and calls you into deep soul-searching that can threaten all your best laid plans. 

Available November 3, 2020!

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Endorsements for The Promised Land (coming November, 2020)

Book 3 in The Swan House Series

Elizabeth Musser steals our hearts again. With prose that carries us to the edge of our soul, The Promised Land follows three pilgrims whose lives intersect on the famed Camino, asking the important questions — When do we let go of our best laid plans to discover a bigger and richer life? Who do we become when everything has been taken away? With a dash of mystery and a tremendous depth, Musser fills the lush landscape of The Promised Land with vivid characters and masterful storytelling.  ~ Patti Callahan, Bestselling Author of Becoming Mrs. Lewis

The Promised Land is a captivating tale of pilgrimage, not only along the rigorous way of the Camino, but through an equally rigorous exploration of the soul. Through the journeys of four broken and wounded pilgrims, Elizabeth Musser expertly navigates the complex landscape of captivity and loss, while pointing the way to redemption and hope. ~ Sharon Garlough Brown, Author of the Sensible Shoes Series

What an intriguing journey Elizabeth Musser has taken us on in The Promised Land! She painted, with words, such evocative images, tastes, smells, and sounds that I felt as if I’d walked my own Camino pilgrimage along with Abbie, Bobby, and Caro. This engrossing, beautiful story kept me guessing through smiles and tears and did not disappoint in the end.  ~ Deborah Raney, author of The Chandler Sisters Novels and A Nest of Sparrows

Elizabeth Musser’s novel, The Promised Land, transported me on two very memorable journeys. First, I savored the sights, smells, and tastes of France as I hiked the Camino with her four unique characters. Second, was the touching journey of spiritual transformation these four pilgrims uncovered on their trek. So satisfying! ~ Lynn Austin, author of If I Were You

Read the first chapter here.

4 Comments on “The Promised Land

  1. Just finished “The Promised Land” and I wasn’t ready for it to end. It was another powerful work! Loved it! I was sad that Caroline and Bastien didn’t end up together for they seemed to have a great love for each other.

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  2. Exciting you already have a new work! I’m about to look up what the French Camino is!!😂
    Blessings on this new book!😘

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